Thomas Tecco, COO, XLDyn

We will review the latest features in XLSE, our revolutionary Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) software. XLSE is the most automated way to do MBSE. With our new ‘one click’ method you can create the complete set of SysML requirement diagrams in seconds, even for large models. XLSE supports all forms of requirement verification by internal (fully integrated) or external (automated task request) methods. Creation of Use Case diagrams is automated and they can be linked to other SysML objects. SysML State Machine diagrams are created automatically from the executable state machine logic script. You can trace logic paths or even animate the execution for a given set of inputs.

Webinar Outline:

• XLDyn XLSE Overview

• One Click MBSE requirements model creation
• Use Case diagram creation
• State Diagram creation, tracing, and execution

Who Should Attend?

Simulation Engineers, Systems Engineers, Test Engineers and Product Development Engineers: Successful product development requires meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Defining and managing Use Cases and Requirements is critical. In addition, these requirements must be verified throughout the product development cycle by simulation or test. XLDyn will present the latest technology for Model Based Systems Engineering.

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