HUByx is a finite element model of the human body simulating all the bones and organs as well as the internal fluid in between them, enabling the propagation of pressure wave inside the body.
HUByx is a first step in measuring the propagation of potentially lethal pressure waves inside the human body. 

Industry Applications:

Defense Industry: Instead of testing bullet-proof products on plastiline or rubber blocks, it is possible to simulate their behavior directly on the human body, see how pressure propagates after the impacts and study the difference of behavior depending on the location of the impact.

Sports Industry: With HUByx, you can study the behavior of the human body under different kinds of sport impacts. For example, it is possible to simulate the protection of a football helmet, a biker’s back protection, a fencing face plate or a running shoe sole. Other examples include tennis racket optimization to reduce the force transmitted to the forearm bones and tendons.

Medical Industry: With HUByx, impact of medical activities on the human body behavior can be simulated.

Product Interfaces:

HUByx interfaces with Altair's HyperMesh and RADIOSS.


CEDREM is a product performance enhancing company, working hand in hand with its customers. This ground breaking company is a team of multidisciplinary engineers and researchers specialized in complex systems analysis under dynamic loadings such as shocks, impacts, ballistics or explosions... Its dynamism and creativity in developing new numerical tools and new composite materials lead to a service at the cutting edge of innovation and new technologies to drive the shaping of new protection products.



Overview of HUByx. Right image shows view of HUByx skeleton and skin


View of HUByx validation with Viano test

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