The Most Comprehensive Set of Tools for Composite Design and Analysis

Altair has a comprehensive offering of composite solutions to help you in taking full advantage of the unique properties of advanced composite materials.  Our solutions coupled with our Altair Partner Alliance solutions provide the following:
  • Unique design synthesis for laminated composites with OptiStruct
  • Complete analysis platform with HyperWorks Desktop coupled with leading FEA solvers
  • Powerful optimization and design studies for spreadsheets and custom solutions with HyperStudy
  • Impact Analysis of Composite structures with Radioss
  • Stiffened laminated panel analysis with Anaglyph and ESAComp
  • Micromechanical analysis with DigiMat and MultiMech
  • Composite Joint Analysis with StressCheck

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  • Composites Optimization of UAV Spar
  • Composites Optimization of Open Hole Test Coupon
  • Optimizing Composite Structures

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