HyperWorks 2017: Post-Processing with HyperView and HyperGraph

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Altair HyperView and HyperGraph are powerful tools for post-processing of complex models and huge result files.

HyperView received a variety of usability enhancements in the 2017 release, such as in-place legend editing and enhancements of the video overlay functionality. A variety of additional enhancements such newly supported result types round this HyperView release of.

The HyperGraph 2017 release provides updates focused on handling of big databases. Filtering and handling of thousands of curves has been made significantly more efficient. Report generation received several helpful enhancements. Existing interfaces to solvers have been enhanced and new data formats have been added.

New HyperView features you will see

Video overlay enhancements – How to use HyperView to overlay and compare simulations with test videos.

Minimum distance – New measure type to compute shortest distance between two sets of elements.

Load multiple result files – Combine and post process results from multiple loadcase analyses

In-place legend editing – Edit contour legends directly on screen

New HyperGraph features you will see

PlotBrowser – How to use string based search using Boolean operations for all HyperGraph entities, drag & drop, isolate curves

MediaView – Creation of the distance plots between markers using dynamic measures, apply real units to measures, tracking system support and video editing.

PowerPoint Publishing – Export of PowerPoint tables, Improving the Image Quality and EMF (Enhanced Metadata File) support

Additional functions New math functions, curve export enhancements, new interfaces

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This webinar is part of the HyperWorks 2017 webinar series, click here to see the full schedule of live and on-demand webinars.

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