Date: July 16, 2014

Presenter: Dario Dorella


Display Manager lets users visualize and collaborate on massive data sets (those too big to fit on a typical desktop) by enabling remote, high-fidelity access to applications, data, and graphics resources located inside your datacenter.  This Web-based portal provides an instant, secure, convenient (zero-client), user-friendly and collaborative way of accessing the data and resources needed to perform compute-intensive work. With Display Manager users can:

  • Utilize high-end graphics applications directly from the cluster via a browser
  • Collaborate directly from within Display Manager by simply sharing sessions
  • View and control a single session simultaneously without downloading any files
  • Conduct design reviews quickly and easily among globally dispersed teams


In this live webinar, our expert will walk through the process of using Display Manager within a cluster or supercomputing environment, including application setup and results viewing.


Why attend?

  • See how to set up and use Display Manager with common graphical applications
  • Hear practical expert advice for using Display Manager
  • Get details and examples for how Display Manager can deliver measurable value within your organization


Topics include:

  • Quick introduction to Display Manager
  • How Display Manager works with your applications
  • Demo: Walking through a Display Manager use case, from start to finish
  • Proof Points: How Display Manager optimizes resource utilization, improves security and user productivity, delivers real-time responsiveness and enhances virtual team productivity and communication
  • Live Q&A with Altair’s Display Manager product manager


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Webinar Recording

Mini Demo: Introduction to Display Manager 

Mini Demo: Display Manager, Compute Manager and AcuSolve


 Read more about the entire series