Discover the radical impact of OptiStruct 

The world is nonlinear. We all know that.  What you may not know is OptiStruct, Altair’s solution for linear and nonlinear analysis and optimization. 

Globally recognized as the pioneer and leading technology for structural optimization, OptiStruct has evolved over the past 30 years into a modern, single-solver solution for both linear and nonlinear analysis.

This includes some of the most frequently used simulation types such as:

  • NVH
  • Buckling
  • Large displacements
  • Contact
  • Plasticity
  • Hyperelasticity
  • Other material and geometric nonlinearities
  • Optimization ready 



OptiStruct Overview

OptiStruct for nonlinear analysis capabilities


HyperWorks Business Model

Understand how your team can access the entire HyperWorks suite of software, for less


Stop struggling with model conversions from linear to nonlinear and eliminate convergence issues. Utilize built-in multiphysics analysis and native couplings to the broadest platform of mechanical, electromagnetic, thermal and fluid dynamics solvers.

  • Leverage the Power of Your HWUs: offset high licensing costs and limited access to incumbent solvers
  • Modern Single Solver Solution: increase design efficiency by eliminating multiple tools, models, and workflows for linear and nonlinear analysis
  • Optimization-ready: turn on the market-leading optimization solution to meet aggressive performance, weight and timing objectives
  • Access the Entire Altair Solver Portfolio: CFD, crash, electromagnetics, linear, nonlinear, multi-body dynamics, manufacturing, systems analysis, thermal

As a HyperWorks user, you'll have access to a wealth of online training materials related to OptiStruct and nonlinear analysis including:

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Learning Opportunities

Interested in the cost-saving abilities of our licensing model as well as the features, and industrial applications that make OptiStruct a dominant solver?

Use these links to watch webinar recordings, download technical data sheets, or download the presentations from the ATCx OptiStruct conference. 

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Cost-efficient Structural  Non-linear Analysis Webinar
Nonlinear Feature  Capabilities Webinar
Industrial Applications  Webinar
Download OptiStruct Datasheet



ATCx OptiStruct Presentations



Single Model, Multi-Attribute Workflow Webinar

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