NovaCast - Utilizing the Full Capability of the 6.0 Version

Håkan Fransson, Technical Manager - Simulation, NovaCast

The webinar will provide information about the functionality and potentials using NovaFlow & Solid CV 6.0 and the new functionality in that version. It will be showing both the potential for designers of castings as well as foundry engineers.

Webinar Outline

  • Brief introduction to NovaFlow&Solid CV
  • Multi-mesh simulation alternative
  • Parameter optimization
  • Gas bubble predictions
  • Updated shrinkage predictions and investigation possibilities
  • Improved cold flow prediction
  • Good Guys´ Index

Who Should Attend?

  • Foundry engineers
  • Casting component designers
  • CAE engineers dealing with complex castings

What is NovaFlow&Solid CV?

NovaFlow&Solid CV is a mold filling and solidification simulation package based on advanced fluid flow and heat transfer theories. New meshing technology and new advanced numeric models, Control Volume Meshing (CVM) makes it the most efficient simulation package on the market. NovaFlow&Solid CV requires less than one hour to set up a complete simulation including start-up, meshing and running. The resulting simulation will be extremely accurate in accordance with your 3D drawings.

How is NovaFlow&Solid CV useful to APA users?

With NovaFlow&Solid users can optimize their casting design I terms of weight, strength and castability. The user can test different casting methods and verify the result from each of them. The residual stress results can be used as indata into other software’s.

Download the available NovaFlow&Solid use cases here.


Figure 1: Gas Bubbles


Figure 2: Liquid Phase Prediction


Figure 3: Stress Calculation

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