Multibody Simulation: Why and How With Altair's Technology

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Presented by: Rajiv Rampalli, Vice President, HyperWorks Core Development, Altair Engineering

Multibody System Simulation (MBS) is the study of the motion of mechanical systems caused by external forces and motion excitations acting on them. The term multibody is used to represent complex systems encountered in a wide variety of industries such as ground and air transportation, industrial machinery, aerospace systems, consumer goods and mechatronic systems. A defining characteristic of all these systems is that they can undergo large overall motion that is comparable to or significantly larger than their dimensions.

Altair provides a state-of-the-art solution, MotionSolve, which allows users to model such systems graphically, analyze these using physics-based simulations, evaluate their behavior, and improve their performance.

Join us in this webinar to understand why engineers and designers perform multibody simulation, how they use this technology to address their challenges and what solutions Altair provides.


A multibody simulation of a vehicle on a 4-post machine is used to obtain accurate component loads. These are used subsequently to compute the fatigue life of the component.

This webinar is part of a 6-part MBD series. Click here to see full schedule.

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