Mechatronic Systems Engineering: Altair’s Multibody Solutions

Presented by:
Andy Dyer, Senior Application Engineer, Altair Engineering

As products and processes become increasingly complex to meet demands on performance, reliability, and cost, simulation has become a key component to successfully designing and delivering them to market. Mechatronics, also known as smart or cyber-physical systems, are a marriage of machine to sensors, actuators, and computing power to achieve the system goals which cannot be achieved by a purely mechanical system alone. The ability to leverage your knowledge of the design into the system with simulation is not only powerful, but also necessary for machines comprised of multiple complex subsystems which must all work together.

Altair’s MotionSolve is a powerful multi-body solution to help simulate mechatronic systems. Integration with solidThinking Activate allows a user to model control systems, actuators and sensors in a convenient block diagram environment while coupled with MotionSolve via co-simulation. Models in MotionSolve can be linearized for classic control system design, and its powerful non-linear capabilities helps you model critical effects, ranging from friction, to component flexibility, to contact between colliding bodies. Additional capabilities for integration with Fortran/C/Python, and support for Modelica and Functional Mock-up Interface standards allows different domains and third-party tools to be used as needed. Finally, integration with other HyperWorks tools allow you to drive your simulations with a model-based design approach.

The modern vehicle is a complex machine that is composed of many mechatronic systems that must all work together.

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