Simulation Driven Design for Efficient Electric Machines 

What's New in FluxMotor 2018

Presented by: Fabrice Marion - Program Manager, FluxMotor


This webinar was presented on 27 February 2018

Brief Description 

The electric motor design process can be long and tedious.  Modern design tools enables designers to quickly evaluate and compare machine technical-economic potential. Discover how FluxMotor can radically change the way machines are designed, through each stage and be able to use standard or customized parts, add windings easily and quickly attribute materials before computing its performance.

Join us for this webinar to find out more about the new features available in FluxMotor 2018.

Webinar Outline

  • Improvement of internal processes of optimization
  • New tests available for the sine wave drive:
    • Computation of a working point targeted with Current, Control angle and Speed (I,Y, N), with Torque and Speed (T, N) and with Torque and Speed (I, U)
  •  New test available for the Square wave drive:
    • Computation of a working point targeted with a forced current (I-Forced) - Parameterized trapezoidal shape
  • Macro function to build parts from the Flux2D environment sketcher
  • New parts in Part Library