FEKO 2017 - New Features and Benefits

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Presented by: Dr Jordi Soler
Director of Business Development, Electromagnetic Solutions

Electromagnetic (EM) simulation is a key and growing element within several processes across many key industries, also because the increasing number of electronics.

FEKO is a leading comprehensive EM simulation software widely used in telecommunications, automotive, defense, aerospace, electronics, energy and healthcare, including a wide set of solvers with true hybridization and specialized methods for the analysis of problems related to antenna design and placement, RCS, EMC, RF devices, bio-electromagnetics, and since a few months back also wave propagation modelling thanks to WinProp.

Starting with a summary of all the EM applications covered today by HyperWorks, this webinar presents exciting features in the new FEKO release, version 2017. You will learn through examples about the new parallelization scheme for our FDTD solver, how we are adding new improvements to MLFMM and RL-GO, two of our leading solvers to analyze electrically large structures, the addition of 3D anisotropic materials, the introduction of a new faster mesh engine and how we have accelerated our MTL solver for EMC cable modeling problems, among many other key features. At the end of the webinar you will also learn how you are now able to design and validate the installed antennas and radio channel performances in real scenarios leveraging FEKO together with the recently added wave propagation modelling feature thanks to WinProp.

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