Are Your Electronics Feeling the Heat?


Meet Altair's New Tool for Electronics Cooling


Altair ElectroFlo is designed exclusively for challenging electronics cooling and design applications. It is a thermal package capable of solving problems involving conduction, natural, and forced convection, radiation and conjugate heat transfer, yet it is easy enough to use for a non-CFD expert.

In this webinar, discover all the new features in the first release of ElectroFlo under the HyperWorks platform. 

Altair ElectroFlo Webinar

October 24, 2018 | 10:00 - 10:30 am ET


What You'll Learn:

    • Capabilities of Altair ElectroFlo Solver

    • Modelling tools required for thermal design

    • Coupled electrical analysis of electronics components

    • Five unique problems in thermal design solved using Altair ElectroFlo

    • How to approach thermal design in electronics


Who Should Attend:

Thermal Engineers, Thermal analysts/ designers, CFD analysts, Electronics cooling design experts, Engineering managers



Aditya Jayanthi

Product Manager - Thermal Solutions

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