Flux Power Grid Equipment Webinar Series

Designing Reliable MV & HV Power Grid Equipment

Presented by:  Guillaume Lai - Application Engineer - EM Solutions


This webinar was presented on 15 March 2018

Brief Description 

Aging transmission infrastructure has to be modernized to deliver electricity more reliably and efficiently. Asset owners of the ecosystem such as manufacturers, service providers, and government offices have to consider the multiple challenges around energy transmission.

The analysis of cables, lines and bus bars involves several physical domains and constraints such as magnetic, electric, thermal and power networks fields. From transmission lines to power transformers through to insulation equipment, Altair provides software solutions for in-depth analysis and accurate prediction for reliable energy transmission.

Webinar Outline

  • Cable & Bus Bar modeling: how FluxTM can help to design transmission infrastructures
    • Impedance computation
    • Thermal computation
    • Forces computation for structural analysis
  • Introduction of power transformer modeling: how Flux can help to design power transformer
    • Computation of electric field, load and no load losses, inrush current in Flux
    • Multi-physics coupling
  • Insulation test: how Flux is able to detect risk of dielectric breakdown
    • Electric application overview
    • Streamer criterion description

Who should watch?

  • Power Grid equipment designer (cable & bus bar, power transformer, insulation device)
  • Generalist or specialist engineers, from FEA novice to expert level
  • Manufacturers, integrators, subtractors actors in the value chain

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