Altair Multiphysics Webinar Series

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This webinar series covers a range of applications across multiple industries that require a coupled physics analysis. Examples covered in the series include FSI applications like ditching, aeroelasticity, fluid and thermal coupling applications like brake cooling, furnace cooldown, electromagnetic and thermal or structural couplings predicting motor noise and cooling design.

On-Demand Webinars

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HyperWorks for FSI Simulations

On-Demand Recording

Altair’s HyperWorks software suite offers a wide variety of solvers able to simulate complex physical phenomenon, including multiphysics. Therefore, complex FSI applications can be solved, such as ditching or aeroelasticity, as will be shown in the two use cases presented in this webinar. Learn more

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Applications for Thermal and Fluid Coupling

On-Demand Recording

Altair’s AcuSolve CFD solver is capable of simulating complex multiphysics phenomenon including Heat Transfer-CFD coupling. In this webinar, two use cases are presented, using two very different calculation approaches. First, we will present on brake cooling simulations with AcuSolve, then furnace cooldown simulation using 3D and 1D solvers.  Learn more

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Structural and Thermal Coupling with Electromagnetic Systems

On-Demand Recording

Electromagnetic phenomenon may induce undesired effects such as heat or vibrations. To predict and correct them by simulation, it is necessary to couple all phenomenon. Altair HyperWorks software suite is a perfect solution for this and in this webinar, two use cases will be demonstrated, where Flux is coupled with OptiStruct and AcuSolve. Learn more