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Altair announces the acquisition of SIMSOLID, game-changing simulation technology for designers, design engineers, and simulation analysts.

SIMSOLID is structural analysis software developed specifically for design engineers. It eliminates geometry simplification and meshing, the two most time consuming and expertise extensive tasks done in traditional FEA.

Moreover, SIMSOLID can analyze complex parts and large assemblies not practical with traditional FEA and do it efficiently on a desktop class computer. Both fast and accurate, SIMSOLID controls solution accuracy using a unique multi-pass adaptive analysis.


Executives and Technologists Discuss SIMSOLID Acquisition
Eliminate Geometry Simplification and Meshing
SIMSOLID’s unique technology completely eliminates geometry simplification and meshing, the two most time consuming, expertise extensive and error prone tasks done in traditional FEA. With SIMSOLID, model preparation is done in minutes.
Analyze Complex Parts and Large Assemblies
SIMSOLID has been designed to analyze complex parts and large assemblies not practical with traditional FEA. SIMSOLID is tolerant of imprecise geometry. Its assembly connections are industry best at handling ragged contact surfaces with both gaps and overlapping geometry.
Get Results in Seconds to Minutes
SIMSOLID is fast, real fast. Solution times are typically measured in second to minutes on a standard PC. With SIMSOLID, multiple design scenarios can be quickly analyzed and compared. And, accuracy can be specified on an individual part level allowing a rapid drill down to any level of detail that is required.
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Includes the following capabilities:

  • Analysis solutions – linear statics, modal, thermal, coupled thermal-stress, material nonlinear, geometric nonlinear, transient dynamics (time, frequency and random response)
  • Supported connections – bonded, sliding, virtual connectors, welds (spot, laser and fillet)
  • Boundary conditions – immovable, sliding, force, pressure, gravity, thermal, inertia, inertia relief, hydrostatic, bearing, hinge and remote loads
  • Additional capabilities – rigid parts, bolt/nut tightening, modal participation factors
  • CAD connectivity – Reads all common CAD file formats including: CATIA, NX, PTC/Creo, Inventor, Fusion 360, SOLIDWORKS, SolidEdge, Onshape, JT, STEP, VDA, Parasolid, ACIS, PLMXML, CGR, STL


Please note: Trial license are strictly for product evaluation and may not be used for production work.

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Free Introduction to SIMSOLID

Presentation Recorded on November 7, 2018


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  • How SIMSOLID can help to speed up and eliminate geometry simplification and meshing
  • How to set up an analysis in SIMSOLID to get simulation results in mere seconds
  • How to use SIMSOLID to analyze complex parts and assemblies
  • How SIMSOLID can be used early in the concept design process to shape design changes

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This event is a must for all designers, engineers design engineers, and anyone involved in the product design or development process.



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