A Modular Simulation Process and Data Management Solution Using HyperWorks, ModelCenter and SimData Manager

Presented by:

Albrecht Pfaff, Corporate Officer - Sales & Marketing, PDTec AG
Jean-Baptiste Mouillet, Multiphysics Business Development Director, Altair Engineering
Ilya Tolchinsky, Lead Application Engineer, Phoenix Integration  


Engineering design has greatly evolved with the advent of simulation tools and computing power.  Simulation software such as  Altair HyperWorks suite have enabled virtual design greatly reducing or even replacing physical testings.  Process integration tools like ModelCenter from Phoenix Integration have enabled the engineer to automate the execution of the simulation tools and explore complete design spaces instead of searching for the first feasible solution.  The large amounts of data that are now being generated can be managed using solutions like SimData Manager from PDTec.

This webinar focuses on a prototype integration between these three products. The tools are brought together to enable automated execution of complex simulation processes involving structural analysis and CFD using Altair OptiStruct and AcuSolve solvers with built-in data management and traceability.

Webinar Outline

  • Introduce each tool used in the integration
  • Introduce the benefits of process automation and data management
  • Explain how ModelCenter was used to automate a HyperWorks process
  • Explain how SimData Manager was used to add data management and traceability
  • Demonstrate the building and execution of the process

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers who do design and analysis work
  • Methods and tools engineers
  • Engineering managers

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