CONVERSE-RADIOSS Integrative Simulation of Short-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Components

Presented by: Sascha Pazour, i.A. Dipl.-Ing., Part Engineering GmbH


Due to high demands on the thermo-mechanical performance, the preferred plastic materials used in the industry are short-fiber-reinforced polyamide grades. The injection molding process causes a local anisotropic material behavior within the molded part due to the alignment of the fibers dependent on the local flow conditions in the part. A common approach is to use smeared material properties or reduction factors. Differences between simulation and test in the order of 30 to 50 % may arise.

Opposed to such estimative approaches CONVERSE enables the consideration of the real anisotropic mechanical behavior of the part in a FE analysis by taking into account the local fiber orientation in each finite element. Hence, part stiffness as well as failure can be predicted more precisely. The reliability of the FEA is enhanced significantly.

Webinar Outline

  • CONVERSE Interface to RADIOSS
  • Calibration and Failure Criteria of Short-Fiber-Reinforced Materials
  • Application examples

Who Should Attend?

Computational engineers and CAE managers from all industry sectors, who manufacture injection molded short-fiber-reinforced plastics parts and have to assess the mechanical performance of such parts in terms of strength, stiffness and deformation.

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