Visualization, Quantification of Metal Flow Lines and Its Application to
Process Design Optimization

Presented by: Man Soo Joun, President & CEO, MFRC.


In metal forming, especially in forging, metal flow lines formed during rolling or drawing play a decisive role in determining the strength of product as they store the history of deformation. Till date, process design optimization based on metal flow lines is being carried out qualitatively based on experience.

In this webinar, the AFDEX patented technology where metal flow lines are quantified, will be discussed with relevant examples from the industry. Quantification of metal flow lines will pave way to using these flow lines as parameters in optimization algorithms resulting in much quicker optimal process design.

Webinar Outline

  • Visualization of metal flow lines at any time step and at any cross section
  • Quantification of metal flow lines and its application to process design optimization
  • Relevant examples from forging industry

Who Should Attend?

  • Forging component and die manufacturers
  • Process design engineers
  • Researchers of metal forming processes

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