Motorsport to Automotive: Using ChassisSim to Design an Electric Drive Train for Automotive Use

Presented by: Danny Nowlan, Director, ChassisSim Technology

This webinar demonstrates how the ChassisSim electric powertrain module, that is being used in anger in Formula E, can be applied to road car use.  In particular, it will show you how you can effectively and quickly use this to specify what you need from an electric powertrain.

Webinar Outline

  • The components of ChassisSim electric powertrain module.
  • How to specify cells and motor characteristics.
  • What you need to specify for a circuit input to model a road car.
  • How to interpret logged results, so you can make decisions on what the electric powertrain needs to look like.

Who Should Attend?

Vehicle Dynamics engineers, Motorsport engineers, Electrical engineers or anyone involved in the design and specification of an electric powertrain for automotive use.

ChassisSim_Fig_1_Electric power train variables.jpg

Fig-1 - ChassisSim Electric Powertrain data outputs

ChassisSim_Fig-2a - Electric_Setup_a.jpg

Fig-2 - ChassisSim Electric Powertrain main dialog

ChassisSim_Fig-2b - Electric_Setup_cells.jpg

Fig-3 - Cell voltage discharge map

ChassisSim_Fig-2c - Electric_Setup_engine.jpg

Fig-4 - Electric engine torque map.

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