Solutions for Optimizing Hydraulic Piping Systems

Presented by: Dr. Heiko Baum, Managing Director, FLUIDON GmbH


Pressure pulsations in non-optimized hydraulic piping systems are responsible for disturbing noise emissions, permanent stress on the components, reduced system functionality and a higher failure rate of the system.
Pulsation is inherent in all reciprocating equipment such as compressors and pumps, screw compressors, and any other type of equipment used to move gas or liquid. To ensure functional pipeline systems, with long durability and minimized noise levels, the overall system's characteristics have to be considered. The conception of a well-designed pipeline system starts with a pressure pulsation analysis.

In this webinar, “RohrLEx“, FLUIDON piping expert, explains the relationship between pressure pulsations and pipeline problems and presents the automatic analysis of pressure pulsations in piping systems with DSHplus and HyperStudy.

Webinar Outline

  • Introduction to hydraulic piping systems
  • RohrLEx explains pumps induced pressure pulsations
  • Pressure pulsation analysis with DSHplus
  • How to use DSHplus and HyperStudy
  • Results and its possibilities

Who Should Attend?

Engineers involved in the construction of piping/pipelines or using them in any way, irrespective of the material, cross-section, pipe length or type of fluid, from industries such as industrial and mobile hydraulic equipment, process engineering and oil and gas industry. As in Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Manufacturing, Medical Technology, Fluid Power, Science and Education.

Simulation of piping systems.png

Simulation of Piping Systems


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