Motorsport to Automotive – How ChassisSim can be applied to road car development

Presented by: Danny Nowlan, Director, ChassisSim Technologies


This webinar will outline how the features of ChassisSim, that were developed for motorsport usage, can be applied to road car engineering.

Webinar Outline

The following will be covered

  • The ChassisSim environment How you can quickly create a car model
  • Lap time simulation  and Shaker rig simulation – How it predicts absolute performance so you know what to expect.
  • Tyre force modeling – So you can use this to make informed descisions.

Who Should Attend?

Vehicle Dynamics engineers both in motorsport and OEM’s and product development engineers.



ChassisSim predicts max vehicle performance for motorsport or high performance automobiles.



ChassisSim executing a laptime simulation

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