Saving Lives with Simulations: CEDREM Collaborates with DuPont on Ballistic Protection Solutions

Presented by: Edouard Ferry, Engineer, CEDREM


The webinar will be a presentation of research work performed in collaboration between DuPont and CEDREM. DuPont has developed a new ballistic membrane in order to assess protection solutions. CEDREM has created numerical models of protection solutions with KTex Family and of the ballistic membrane. A comparison between the ballistic membrane and the human body model HUByx was also led.

KTex Family offers the possibility to represent any composite protection solution at the scale of the yarns, and optimize its behavior during an impact. HUByx features a detailed geometry of the human body, leading to a behavior depending on the impact location. And CEDREM expertise in the field of numerically simulating ballistic impacts leads to a reliable representation of the state-of-the-art DuPont concept.

Webinar Outline

  • Presentation of the new ballistic membrane and its simulation
  • Simulation of the protection solutions with KTex
  • Simulation of the body with HUByx
  • Comparisons

Who Should Attend?

Engineers working in personal protection solutions companies, composite parts industry, human body simulation, and high speed simulation.

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