MADYMO coupling, dummies and pre- and post-processing tool aspects are highlighted to show how the aviation industry uses MADYMO to solve occupant safety issues. An example on seat certification by analysis using MADYMO coupled with crash codes are discussed. The webinar will demonstrate the use of MADYMO FAA dummies in aviation research on estimating the lumbar load tolerances for the 5th and 95th percentile sizes based on scaling of the FAA Hybrid-III 50th percentile. This study also demonstrates how the Sprague and Geers error metric included in the Objective Rating application can be used to objectively judge the level of correlation between tests and simulations. The webinar will conclude with an outlook on how (active) human modelling may further contribute to the safety of airplane passengers.

Webinar Outline

  • MADYMO Aviation Dummy Portfolio
  • MADYMO Coupling – How to use the tools and run coupling simulations
  • Seat Certification by Analysis
  • Use Case: Lumbar load tolerances estimation

Integrations with Altair

  • HyperView: Can visualize MADYMO animation files in KN3 format
  • HyperStudy: Used to do parameter studies and optimization
  • RADIOSS: Coupling with MADYMO

Who should attend

Seat developers, structural engineers, occupant safety engineers, development managers, CAE engineers

Want to know more about how MADYMO applies to the Aerospace industry? Click here to download the MADYMO for Aero brochure.



Figure 1. Seat Certification by Analysis (Test 1 condition) constructed and simulated purely in MADYMO




Figure 2. Seat Certification by Analysis (Test 2 condition) using MADYMO coupled with a crash code. Kinematic and dynamic responses of the dummy and restraining system are solved in MADYMO; and structural response is solved with a crash code.


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