Wednesday, November 19

10:00 am EST (UTC - 5 hours)

Impact Design Europe would like to invite you to attand this webinar highlighting the development of Crash Cad Calculate - CCC 2.0 – unique software for design and optimization of thin walled cross sections. Our goal is to offer a user friendly environment  which will respond the needs of our users.

In the incoming webinar we would like to present new tools and functionalities available in the newest edition of CCC.

CCC 2.0 enables import of cross section’s geometry from Hyper Beam.  Cross sections can be now also saved in the personal Repository and easily exported in “dxf.” file format.

Several new tools are now available in the Cross Section Editor which will make the creation and edition of Cross Sections easier.

Additionally the Cross Section Optimizer has been improved by introduction of an enlarged number of available optimization parameters.

Webinar Agenda:

  • CCC – brief introduction and main functionalities
  • CCC 2.0 – new tools and functionalities
  • Import and export procedures
    • Import from Hyper Beam to CCC
    • 2D view – open background bitmap
    • Export cross section geometry in dxf. Format
    • Cross Section repository
  • New tools available in the main toolbar
    • Area selection
    • Clone tool
    • Comments
  • New editing tools available in the cross section editor
    • Create Plate tool
    • Divide Plate tool
    • Cut Plate tool
    • Replace Material in thin walled cross section
    • Select cross section with given material
  • Cross section optimizer – new optimization parameters

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