LAP and CoDA are user friendly, yet powerful, tools for quick structural results in composites design.

This 45-minute webinar will show how LAP and CoDA can be used for preparing a laminated plate or structure and examining its behavior under load, overall or layer-by-layer.

  • LAP and CoDA overview and typical applications
  • Workflow and interface with FEA tools including HyperWorks

Who should attend:

Stress engineers, FEA engineers and designers involved in composites structures

About LAP and CoDA:

LAP, based on Classical Laminate Theory, is used in preliminary design for tailoring a stacking sequence, then analyzing the composite component with other methods (FEA), finally optimizing the design by inspecting the laminate behavior layer by layer.

CoDA, based on validated experimentation from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL, UK), a UK public industry-standard organization, is used for preliminary design and analysis of composite sub-components with plate, beam, joint or flange geometries, synthesis of properties of composite materials, laminates and sandwich structures.


November 11, 2014

10:00 am EST (UTC - 5 hours)

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