Polymer Extrusion Simulation with HyperXtrude Webinar

This webinar focuses on how HyperXtrude is used in polymer extrusion industry.

Demands on polymer extrusion process to create complex shaped coextruded parts, and often with newer materials, make the traditional design and correction approaches expensive. One way the leading companies stay ahead of the competition is by reducing the product development time and production costs through virtual testing.  Extrusion simulation module in HyperWorks provides an easy to use CAE environment to validate extrusion die designs, optimize process conditions, identify potential issues and correct them before becoming critical problems.

Learn how to HyperXtrude is being used to:

  • Validate/correct die designs to achieve balanced material flow and minimize profile deflection
  • Optimize process conditions to increase productivity
  • Predict tool deflectionUse new features added in 11.0