DateSeptember 10, 2014

PresenterVenkat Parameshwaran

Compute Manager is an easy-to-use Web portal that greatly simplifies job submission, management and monitoring. With Compute Manager, users gain a simple, powerful and consistent interface for submitting and monitoring jobs – so end users only have to concern themselves with the data and applications they wish to run, and nothing more. Using Compute Manager users can:

  • Set up, manage and monitor jobs on remote HPC systems
  • Access geographically distributed applications and data remotely
  • Visualize results remotely from virtually any Internet-enabled device

In this live webinar, our expert will present the top 5 top reasons to deploy Compute Manager within your PBS installation.

Why attend?

  • See a walkthrough of using Compute Manager with PBS Professional and HPC applications
  • Understand how exactly Compute Manager makes your life easier
  • Get tips and tricks for using Compute Manager

Topics include:

  • Quick introduction to Compute Manager
  • The Top 5 ways Compute Manager drives up value in a cluster or supercomputing environment(With specific use cases and examples)
  • Demo: Getting up and running with Compute Manager
  • Live Q&A with Altair’s Compute Manager product manager


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Read more about the entire series