Date: June 11, 2014

Presenter: Jon Shelley


PBS Professional® provides a comprehensive set of features to satisfy the needs of even the most advanced customers.  However, every computing site has unique requirements and policies – and in the past, accommodating these often meant engaging in custom engineering projects.  PBS Professional now offers a flexible Plugin framework (or "hooks" interface) that provides a Python API so sites can quickly and easily customize their environment. For example, using PBS Plugins you can:

  • Reject jobs and inform the user if proper resources were not requested
  • Specify custom resources to be used for scheduling in unique ways
  • Automatically run site-specific health checks before jobs start up 

In this live webinar, our expert will provide an introduction to PBS Plugins and demonstrate different ways they can be used to customize a cluster or supercomputing environment.


 Why attend?

  • Learn how PBS Plugins work
  • Get examples of key plugins that can be easily modified for your use today
  • Hear tips, tricks and practical advice for writing custom plugins


 Topics include:

  • Introduction to the PBS Plugins framework
  • How to write plugins (high level process, tips and tricks)
  • Sample plugins for common tasks
  • Examples of solving problems with PBS Plugins
    • The challenge
    • The solution with PBS Plugins
  • Live Q&A with Altair’s PBS Professional product manager


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