Composite Materials offer huge advantages to end-users in the armed forces, but their design and analysis is often prohibitively complex. Using the state of the art tools offered by MultiMechanics, composite structures can be efficiently designed and their behavior under dynamic loads (i.e. ballistic impact) can be accurately captured.

This is accomplished thanks to MultiMech’s proprietary microstructural modeling and analysis techniques. MultiMech is the only tool on the market that efficiently links the finite-element global scale structure to its finite-element micro-structures, thus giving engineers extremely accurate results and an unmatched level of understanding of their material behavior.

Webinar outline:

This 1/2 hour session will offer a brief introduction of the MultiMech software and a detailed training on the modeling and structural analysis of composites experiencing dynamic loads and ballistic impacts.

The analysis of composites experiencing dynamic loads introduces a unique set of challenges. While other tools for simulating impact on composite parts do exist, they are labor intensive, nominally accurate, and limit users to modeling simplified composite microstructures. As a result, most designers of these materials rely on a large amounts of physical testing and/or large factors of safety - both of which result in wasted time and materials.

This webinar will offer tips for using MultiMech's multiscale analysis software to make your design and structural analysis of lightweight structures more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective.

The course aims to provide users with:

  • Basics of MultiMech and our TRUE Multiscale analysis
  • Overview of lightweight composite complexities
  • Detailed examples of several lightweight composites experiencing dynamic loads

Who should attend?

This training is intended for Design Engineers and Material Engineers interested in the efficient and accurate analysis of composite materials and structures – specifically those working with lightweight composites experiencing dynamic loads. That said, one of MultiMech’s greatest benefits is its flexibility and the breadth of applications that it can be applied to. Therefore this webinar will cover topics beneficial to all engineers working with composites or advanced materials.

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