Whether you are trying to come up with the newest, strongest, lightest material or you are trying to gain insight about what the best material for the job should look like, MultiMech is the right tool for you.

MultiMech helps companies using advanced materials greatly reduce physical prototyping and testing, by letting them: 1) predict structural failure based on microstructural design variables, such as fiber orientation and volume fraction; 2) virtually create and test new and existing materials with an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy, for multiple types of composites, including woven, braided, particulate, and chopped fibers reinforced plastics; and 3) zoom into the material microstructure to find out where, when and why damage initiates.

Topics to be discussed

Overview of composites - How microstructural details impact global performance

  • Texitle Composites
  • Continuous and Chopped Fiber Composites
  • Particulates

Basics of MultiMech and TRUE Multiscale Analysis

  • Predict mechanical response of novel materials (using only constituent properties)
  • Capture microstructural evolution and its global scale effects
  • Trace the root cause of structural failure

This training will be a broad overview of the challenges associated with the modeling and simulation of composite parts and will be useful for materials and design engineers who are currently working with or  interested in working with advanced materials.

Learn more about MultiMech in their 60 second Customer Showcase Video. Click here

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Friday, November 7

10:00 am EST (UTC - 5 hours)

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