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Activate 2017 is an environment for modeling and simulation of dynamical systems. Based on a solid mathematical formalism, Activate 2017 provides a graphical modeling language with well-defined semantics.

Activate 2017 enables product creators, system simulation and control engineers to model, simulate and optimize multi-disciplinary systems to ensure that all design requirements are successfully met while also identifying system level problems early in the design process.

By attending this webinar, you will learn about hybrid dynamical systems (systems containing continuous-time and discrete-time dynamics) and how they can be modeled rigorously in Activate 2017.

Webinar Outline

  • Introduce Activate 2017’s graphical modeling language
  • Present the fundamentals of Activate 2017's formalism
  • Illustrate usage through examples
  • Explain system based versus component based modeling
  • Discuss on state machines and model optimization
  • Q & A session


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Presented by Ramine Nikoukhah
Vice President, System Modeling & Simulation
Altair Engineering

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