Monday, November 17, 2014 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST


NovaCast and the APA are hosting free online training classes for customers to become better acquainted with the software through a series of graduated online courses. Attend the introductory level class to learn how to get started using the software and then further your knowledge with the subsequent advanced classes.

Who should attend: Users of NovaFlow&Solid CV
Prior knowledge required: Level 1 &2 Training

  • Recapitulate LEVEL 2 training
  • High Pressure Die-casting simulations
  • Lost wax (Investment casting) method simulations
  • Cast iron simulations
  • Advanced features and browser functions
  • Using the whole capability of NovaFlow & Solid, i.e. full potential of the software

Don't forget to register for the other trainings in this series!

Nov. 3 - Level 1: BASIC NovaFlow&Solid CV Training Learn more and register

Nov. 10 - Level 2: Improve your casting design using NovaFlow&Solid CV Learn more and register


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