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Whether your objective is to develop smarter products, develop an optimized communication network or implement a business intelligence platform, our scalable design platform will be your ally to shorten design efforts along product and services digitalization, while minimizing expenses.

Altair offers solutions to simplify increasing design complexity, and help you accelerate your growth developing new services, improving productivity, increasing flexibility and product customization, optimizing your global efficiency.

Altair's Solutions for IoT: Shaping the Future of Smart Product Design



How to Digitalize Effectively for IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to mature and organisations across many sectors are facing the challenges of scaling up from small, trial deployments and proof of concepts into mainstream, high volume consumer deployments.

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Design Efficiently

Altair offers design communities efficient collaborative simulation solutions to proficiently implement their digitalization strategy. Our revolutionary licensing model facilitates access to our trusted multi-domains, scalable and collaborative technology that is powerful, flexible, and easily accessible.

Thus equipped, engineers will be able from early design stages to address typical IoT design challenges such as easy programming and customization, interconnections with seamless connectivity, advanced sensing and actuating functions, cutting-edge energy management, and miniaturization, while remaining competitively priced and reliable, even in harsh environments.

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Connect & Manage

Integrating M2M (machine to machine) specially distributed smart autonomous devices in an industrial network requires optimal communication means analysis, including network planning and wave propagation studies, to remain reliable once installed.

Depending on the application and environmental constrains, Altair offer solutions – according to protocols and network technologies to analyze connectivity, define best sensor networks, connectivity, path losses, probability of failure of nodes, etc.

Moreover, they will enable increases to the IoT chain performance with quick modeling and simulation of end-to-end communication systems, and enable radiation exposure safety studies.

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Control, Decide, and Develop Your Value Proposition

Exponential growth of smart devices generating big data requires adapted tools to efficiently extract useful insights, get the most value from them and make the necessary decisions which can have a big impact on efficiency, productivity, costs, and safety.

Classical functions such as aggregation, storage, data visualization and dashboarding are an important aspects of any IoT platform related to the activity of the connected devices. It also easily enables drill down into historical activity details.

Moreover, our scalable and constantly evolving cloud based solutions can be employed to predict device failures and to prescribe preventive actions based on sensor data patterns.

Flexible, intuitive and collaborative yet powerful and secure, our BI platform will be a key to transform your business model and user experience.

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