Flux Power Grid Equipment Webinar Series

Digital Transformation of Electricity using IoT & Smart Grid

Presented by:  Miguel Castillo Holgado - VP Business Development IoT


Date:  10 April 2018

Time:  4pm CET / 11am EDT

Duration:  1 hour

Webinar Overview: 

IoT is a technology enabler behind the digital disruption of the electric business. The enhancement of Power Grid Equipment with connectivity is enabling real time data collection of all the elements of the grid, including small consumers or producers.

The decentralization and digitalization of the grid is becoming more complex to management. But at the same time this new source of data is enabling equipment manufacturers to expand into services like Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance, based on cloud services.

IoT technologies also enable the evolution of facilities (like renewable power plants) to have digital twins with applications optimize management and decision-making in many areas like maintenance or financial.

During this webinar we will cover possibilities, challenges and lessons learned by working with equipment OEMs and power plant owners.  We will also analyze emerging trends in the industry, like distributed energy storage and how it is being tested in some neighborhoods.   

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