48 Hour Trial Access to HyperWorks Virtual Appliance 

This test drive allows you access to 48 hours* of use of HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance, a state-of-the-art public cloud solution with fully configured hardware and software, offering unlimited use of all Altair software within the virtual CAE appliance.

 *If you would like to extend your trial beyond 48 hours please contact your local Altair account manager. 

Who Should Participate:

This trial is ideal for engineers and designers that are interested in testing the cloud in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Why Participate:

Manufacturing must become more competitive and deliver products, processes and solutions faster and better. This requires engineers to explore multiple scenarios virtually, which is often limited by the ability to mobilize resources quickly. With on-demand access to HPC and data management that does not burden IT, engineering on the cloud makes it easier and faster to perform design of experiments and stochastic and numerical optimization studies.

Next Steps: 

Your application will go through a quick approval process. Once approved, the HyperWorks Unlimited infrastructure will be provisioned for you on AWS with unlimited access to a specific configuration of HyperWorks.

HyperWorks Configuration:

  • 2 Computational Nodes 
  • Each with 16 Cores of Intel Xeon E5-2680 v2 ("Ivy Bridge") processors
  • With 60 GB of memory, 640 GB of SSD-based local instance storage on a 64-bit platform
  • 1 (One) Graphical Node for Remote Visualization
  • 1 x NVIDIA GRID GPU (Kepler GK104), 15 GB memory, 60 GB of local instance storage


  1. You are only allowed one trial, be prepared to utilize the time to its full potential.
  2. There are limits to how many can participate from the same organization.
  3. Your test drive will be launched only after you have been approved.
  4. Our approval process should be less than 1 to 2 business days.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please feel free to Contact Us.