Executive Strategy Briefing

Today’s engineering teams need to deliver more robust and innovative products with processes and solutions at an ever increasing pace.

This requires the exploration of multiple scenarios and is limited by the ability to mobilize resources quickly. Firms need on-demand access to high performance computing (HPC) and data management that can be supported with minimal IT burden.

HPC Strategy Briefing

Microsoft along with strategic business partner Altair will introduce you to our solution for eliminating the HPC processing and visualization constraints faced by every product development organization.

Burst to the Azure Cloud with PBS Cloud

What is Microsoft Azure?

In short, Azure is Microsoft’s hyper scale cloud platform: a growing collection of integrated services — compute, storage, data, networking, and apps — that help you move faster, do more, discover, innovate and save money.

What is PBS Cloud?

Altair PBS Cloud (PBSCloud.io) is the solution to build and run high-performance computing (HPC) appliances for both public clouds and on-premises and enable cloud bursting to handle peak workloads. Altair PBS Cloud allows IT administrators and managers to model, create, HPC appliances and deploy it securely within minutes on AZURE cloud.

Moore's Law vs the Cloud

This workshop will delve into how HPC has traditionally addressed industry needs and how HPC in Azure builds on that and augments that capability. It will cover what type of parallelization for compute and data are needed, and how is that supported in Azure. With Moore’s law being the tried and true predictor of price and capacity, will the cloud disrupt or maintain this tradition?

The Need for Agility

Learn how resources can be managed and deployed automatically based on real time requirements from end users.

Deployment Models and Security

How do you appropriately manage the deployment of compute jobs to the cloud, whether through an entire cloud based eco-system, data retrieval with on-premises compute, or a hybrid model with bursting of computation. Can you use the cloud compute capacity as an extension to on-premises computation?

Remote Access and Visualization

Learn how PBS Cloud along with PBS Works suite can create a single interface for end users to submit, monitor, and manage data regardless if their jobs run on premises or on Azure based HPC resources.

Microsoft Technology Center

Located at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC), the MTC offers a unique combination of immersive experiences and side-by-side collaboration with world-class enterprise architects to provide the optimal environment to learn about and apply new technologies. Your briefing will include mutual discovery, tailored solution drill-downs, and expert presentations culminating with the delivery of a clear and actionable vision of how the Microsoft platform can help you reach your business goals.


Who Should Attend: Engineers and Engineering IT Professionals
Date: February 8, 2017

Location: Microsoft Technology Center
3rd Floor
1000 Town Center Dr., Southfield MI 48075
Time: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm


8:30-9:00 am: Breakfast Meet & Greet

9:00 am: PBS Cloud and Bursting to the Azure Cloud
  • Review design of experiment (DOE) for predictive analysis
  • Understand large scale DOE requirements, including:
    • Compute power
    • Software
    • Orchestration
  • Learn how PBS Cloud along with PBS Works suite can help IT orchestrate resources to match project requirements in real time
10:30 am: Demonstration of Burst to Cloud Functionality with Q&A
  • Demonstration of scaled solution in Azure
  • See the Altair/Azure ecosystem in use
  • Q&A about the process and tool usage

11:30 am: Closeout Discussion and Next Steps

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