Using this methodology advanced structures can be analyzed and assessed for damage initiation and propagation, fracture initiation and propagation.

Knowledge of the life of a composite structure with defects is important since it reflects the “as-is” condition. It allows the engineer to asses many types of internal defects, their distribution, shapes, and size, in order to make decisions and produce a robust design.

An example will be shown that simulates these effects on an open hole tension coupon undergoing quasi static fatigue as well as random fatigue.

We will show our MULTI-SCALE methods carrying FE results down to the micro scale level so that the root damage mechanisms are assessed and the resulting degradation is accurately represented for every finite element and for every load step in the analysis.


This webinar will be recorded and sent to registrants afterwards.

Date: November 12, 2014

Time: 11:00 am EDT

Presenter: Cody Godines, Senior Engineer, AlphaSTAR Corporation

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