Electric Machine Design Workflow for Traction Applications

Presented by: Patrick Lombard, Lead Application Specialist - LF -  Electromagnetic Solutions, Altair


Date:  Tuesday 7 November 2017

Time:  10:00 EST / 16:00 CET

Nowadays, when modeling motor for electric vehicles, more and more constraints are to be fulfilled at the same time. The motor has to be very efficient, less noisy, avoid vibration and at the same time -  not too hot and very cheap.

To achieve all these goals, new tools have to be created or improved in order to solve multi-physics analysis. Furthermore, optimization tools have to be added to find out global optimum. The goal of this webinar is to show the different tools available from predesign, fine tune electromagnetic analysis, NVH analysis, thermal analysis and system analysis.

Webinar outline

  • Fast predesign of motor with FluxMotor
  • Multi-physics analysis (electromagnetic, vibration, CFD analysis)
  • Multi-physics optimization
  • Be efficient with system analysis by extracting equivalent model from FEA analysis
  • Application on E-motor with full analysis


Who should attend?

  • Motor designer
  • Car or train manufacturers

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