Success in developing the new generation of cars and trucks has demanded advancements in many areas, including powertrains, fuels, materials, manufacturing methods and design. Laminate composites are beginning to play a larger part than ever in vehicle design, and Altair offers the software tools that are enabling composites to become a key material across the auto industry.

Join this 45-minute webinar to learn the latest advancements in composites design and optimization of carbon fiber composites and mixed material structures in the automotive industry.

Capabilities included in Altair HyperWorks as well as third party products available through the Altair Partner Alliance will be illustrated, showing real life examples of application.


This Webinar was held on April 2 2015 - complete the form to the right to view the recording.


This Webinar is part of the HyperWorks 2015 Automotive Webinar Series


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