StressCheck Advanced Web-Based Training in Fracture Mechanics

The StressCheck Web-Based Advanced Fracture Mechanics class is a 3-day course which includes a lecture presenting an overview of the capabilities and functionality of StressCheck in fracture mechanics and damage tolerance. In this class participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of the fracture mechanics pre- and post-processing capabilities for performing detailed analyses on cracked structures.

Course Objectives:
  • Develop an understanding of the contour integral method for computing stress intensity factors (SIF’s) for problems in linear elastic fracture mechanics
  • Create the optimal mesh at singularities (crack tips)
  • Extract SIF’s at the crack tip for 2D problems and along the crack front for 3D problems (thru cracks and corner cracks)
  • Create models for which the crack tip is defined parametrically for use in a design study or automation application
  • Perform a 2D planar Crack Path analysis
  • Imbed a crack in a solid body (imported CAD model) and invoke the automesher to separate the elements at the crack face and construct a graded mesh refinement towards the crack tip
  • Include nonlinear affects (e.g. fastener hole propping or interference-fit bushing) which can greatly influence the magnitude of the stress intensity factor

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Who should attend? This workshop is geared towards durability and damage tolerance (DaDT) analysts who wish to enhance their 2D and 3D fracture mechanics FEA solutions.

Basic training is a prerequisite to any advanced training workshops.

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