New Features

Automated Results Convergence
Integration CAD/FEA for Optimization/DOE
Automated Weld Mesh
Automated Bearings Mesh Creation
Mesh Editing with Face Replace
Automated LBCs Assignment onto Modified Bodies

Getting Started

Setting the Environment
Visualize and organize


QuickMesh - Gear
Mesh Controls - Gear
Volume Meshing with Layers - Housing
Meshing with Body Break – Engine Assembly
Meshing with Process Automation - Piston
Quick Imprinted Mesh for Parasolid Assemblies
Hex Meshing using Extrude Function – Y Bracket
Weld Modeling
Welding Process with Connection
Exploring Weld Basic Feature


Defeaturing and Cleanup - Gear
Mesh Editing - Housing
Editing holes and circular faces - Housing
Edit Mesh of Section Cut - Engine Assembly
Gasket Meshing
Logo Removal
Assembly with shared nodes


Auto 1D Bolts
Auto Hex Bolts
CAD based Hex bolts
Create 1D Bolts


Quick Modal Analysis [OptiStruct]
Analysis 1D Pretension and Bearing Pressure [OptiStruct]
Linear Static Analysis of Connecting Rod [OptiStruct]
Normal Mode Analysis of an Assembly [OptiStruct]
Field Thermal Stress Analysis – Safety Valve Assembly [OptiStruct]
Non-Linear Static Analysis [OptiStruct]
Modal Frequency Response Analysis -Bracket [OptiStruct]
Turbulent Flow in a Mixing Elbow [AcuSolve]
Natural Convection Around a Hot Cylinder [AcuSolve]
Conjugate Heat Transfer [AcuSolve]
Steady Flow in a Centrifugal Blower [AcuSolve]
Thermal FSI [AcuSolve]


Parametric DOE Optimization using CAD Software Creo [OptiStruct]
Topology Optimization with Manufacturing Constraints - Control Arm [OptiStruct]
Topology Optimization with Pattern Constraints - Y Bracket


Bore Distortion
Post-Processing Optimization Results


Groups and Colors in Automation
Scripting with Process Recording - ConRod
Process Recording using Parameters - ConRod
Process Recording using Templates - ConRod