Coupled CFD/MBD Tanker Sloshing Simulation

    Thursday, September 11, 2014 @ 11:00 AM EDT (8 AM PDT/5 PM CET)

    Sloshing of liquid within the cargo tank of a commercial tanker truck results in increased loading on the vehicle's suspension when undergoing different types of acceleration maneuvers. The change in loading can have a significant effect on the design of the vehicles suspension components and braking components.

    In this Webinar, the multi-physics problem arising from fluid sloshing within a tanker truck undergoing lateral acceleration is investigated through the use of bi-directional coupling between AcuSolve and MotionSolve.

    The presentation will summarize a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of simplified tanker truck changing lanes at constant velocity. Bi-directionally coupled solvers are used to compute the multi-body-dynamic (MBD) responses of the vehicle due to sloshing within the tank.


    Michael Barton, CFD Application Specialist, Altair

    Michael Barton’s background is in mechanical engineering with a primary focus on the analysis of fluid dynamics. His previous work includes wind flow modeling and prediction, external aerodynamics, aeroacoustic analyses and fundamental CFD validation. Michael is currently working with the Altair HyperWorks core development team contributing to the CFD analysis package, AcuSolve. Michael has worked on a wide range of simulations involving coupled fluid/rigid body interaction as a part of the HyperWorks 13.0 release.