Multiphysics Powertrain Cooling, Fatigue and Durability Analysis

Thursday, September 4, 2014 @ 11:00 AM EDT (8 AM PDT/5 PM CET)

The success of a durability and fatigue analysis hinges on the accuracy of the known stress, including the stress from thermal expansion. 

Vehicle durability and fatigue analysis requires structural FEA and CFD co-simulation at a component and system level.  In this webinar, Altair’s approach to durability and fatigue analysis in the context of vehicle underbody cooling will be outlined. 

A system level co-simulation case study will be presented, utilizing HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel interface to AcuSolve to compute underbody aerodynamics and conjugate heat transfer to an engine block assembly. Temperature distributions are then mapped to OptiStruct for static stress and displacement in the cylinder head. 


Stuart Walker, CFD Application Specialist, Altair

Stuart Walker’s academic background includes thermal hydraulic analysis for fast transients in light water nuclear power reactors with the Oak Ridge National Lab and development of turbulence modeling techniques.  Professionally, he has focused on Altair’s solver support, customer benchmarking and validation, as well as product training.  He has been with Altair for 3 years.