CFD Optimization with Altair HyperWorks

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 (On-Demand Webinar)

The objective of a CFD analysis is to understand the flow physics and perform design studies with the final goal to optimize the performance of a particular design. 

Altair’s HyperMesh offers morphing technology, a case setup interface for Altair’s CFD Solver AcuSolve and a tight integration with Altair’s HyperStudy, a multi-disciplinary design study and optimization tool. This allows users to setup a CFD Optimization or DOE study within HyperMesh and requires only a minimum knowledge of HyperStudy. 

In this webinar, CFD Shape Optimization using HyperMesh will be presented including the coupling among HyperMesh, AcuSolve and HyperStudy. Users will be introduced to HyperMesh’s various morphing capabilities. It will also touch upon HyperStudy’s capabilities for optimization and design exploration, as well as tight coupling with HyperMesh. Users will also be exposed to "HyperStudy Job Launcher", a utility in HyperMesh which create an interface between HyperMesh, AcuSolve and HyperStudy. Users will be driven through steps to do optimization with HyperWorks and the automation process which ties different HyperWorks tools.


Mr. Harsh Shah, CFD Application Specialist, Altair Engineering, Inc.

Mr. Shah received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from MS University, Baroda, India and Master of Science degree for University of Texas, Arlington, majoring in CFD. After working for 2.5 years on Vehicle Thermal Management related projects, Harsh has joined Altair in 2013, where he is managing CFD preprocessor development for HyperWorks.