Altair HyperWorks

Provides a Framework for
Aerospace Engineering

Altair HyperWorks
Provides a Framework for Aerospace Engineering

HyperWorks is maturing to a very dedicated platform for the aerospace industry. Continuous improvements of the pre- and post-processing capabilities and focused improvements for Altair’s structural solvers OptiStruct and RADIOSS provide one of the strongest Aerospace frameworks for aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers. Cooperation of experienced Altair aerospace engineers with Altair customers ensures the implementation of very helpful tools and results in the migration of companies to the Altair solution. Read how Airbus chose HyperView and HyperMesh as official pre- and post-processing tools here.

Pre- and Post-Processing


Closely focusing on the aerospace workflows, the HyperWorks core functionality for pre- and post-processing is continuously improved to meet the needs of major aerospace OEMs and suppliers.

This webinar gives an overview of HyperWorks’ aerospace solution for model-setup, composites modeling and efficient reporting. The popular matrix browser for easy data extraction and advanced post-processing is also covered.


MicheleMacchioniPresenter: Michele Macchioni
Director, ModVis Program and Development Management

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