Altair Airplane Demonstrator Webinar: Design and Optimization of a Radome

Wednesday, November 15 at 10:30 am EST

Local Time Zone Conversions: 9:30 am CST | 15:30 GMT | 16:30 CET | 9 pm IST


This 30-minute webinar covers the material characterization and optimization of a radar dome (radome) build out of carbon and fiberglass. Also to be discussed is the design and optimization of a radar antenna and the simulation of a radar integrated behind the radome and wing structure.

  • Weather radar design and integration
  • Materials characterization and classification
  • Aero Standard respect (DO213)


The short video below shows the simulation of the weather radar system of the plane employed by Altair's electromagnetic solver, FEKO.




Presented by Eddy Jehamy
Technical Specialist, Altair


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