Auralization Features of AlphaCell: Listening to the Efficiency of the Materials

Presented by: François-Xavier Bécot, Co-Managing Director, Matelys


In acoustic troubleshooting, the usual way to do so is to work with physical quantities like frequency spectrum of the sound power or single rating values. However, it does not say if the customer is happy or not or if the change is perceived or not. Therefore, a complementary evaluation is currently emerging based on the auralization of the data obtained using CAE.

The new version of AlphaCell follows this trend by offering the possibilities to listen to the modeled systems. Based on a few examples, this webinar will present how audio samples can be generated and used.

Webinar Outline

The examples presented during the webinar will cover the cases of sound absorption and sound transmission:

  • modeling and listening to the impact of holes in a trimmed panel
  • listening to the impulse response of a room as modified by the presence of sound absorbing materials
  • modeling a given sound package and listening to several sounds as if they were heard through this sound package
  • for the previous configuration, accounting for the listener's room impulse response.
  • combined benefits of using AlphaCell with Altair's OptiStruct

Who Should Attend?

Engineers, researchers and technicians dealing with NVH issues


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