Efficient Composite Design Workflow with Anaglyph Products & HyperWorks

Presented by: Dr. George Kretsis, Managing Director, Anaglyph Ltd


Dr. George Kretsis, Managing Director of Anaglyph, a leader in composites solutions, will present their approach for defining optimal composite material and laminate property data. The webinar will present the workflow between HyperMesh and Anaglyph composites software for preliminary analysis and design: LAP, CoDA and Laminate Tools. It will be a very practical guide, with live software demo, starting from the laminates generation using LAP, testing with LAP and CoDA, stack creation with HyperMesh and completing the task with Laminate Tools for finer details.

Webinar Outline

  • Anaglyph company overview
  • Using a HyperMesh model mesh, we set the task to optimize the composite material and property data
  • LAP usage case to generate laminates satisfying the structural requirements
  • CoDA usage case to test design laminates in various configurations under load
  • Laminate Tools usage case to create the plies inside HyperMesh
  • Laminate Tools usage finalization to build the layup, generate property data, post process FEA results and create the export ply book for manufacturing

Who Should Attend?

Those involved in composites structures design and analysis, HyperMesh users looking for composites solutions. Composites design engineers, stress and FEA analysts with or without specialist experience of composites. Composites are now used in a wide variety of sectors: traditionally automotive, aerospace and wind energy, but also sports equipment, transport and construction.


With the new HyperMesh/Laminate Tools integration, some Laminate Tools functions can be accessed from inside HyperMesh

[Note: Laminate Tools is not part of the APA solutions. More details can be found on www.anaglyph.co.uk]

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