StressCheck has become the Gold Standard and “Go-To” tool in the aerospace industry for analysis of critical components, sub-assemblies and assemblies in the areas of detailed stress analysis, fracture mechanics, composite materials and any other application exhibiting challenging detailed linear or non-linear behavior.

Session Outline

  • Introduction to StressCheck – the CAE industry’s most flexible crack modeler and go-to tool for SIF calculations
  • Point and Click SIF’s – anywhere along the 3D crack geometry
  • Combining global-local, contact and fracture mechanics seamlessly, no special tricks required
  • Demo of ability to model at any solid geometry with any crack shape and achieve Guaranteed Reliability
  • Demo of interface with Excel VBA for user-defined crack growth apps

Who should attend

Any engineer or manager involved in fracture mechanics and/or damage tolerance for coupon specimens, components, sub-assemblies or assemblies needs to see this revolutionary technology that offers a new level of confidence in solutions to demanding problems.

Questions? Email us at apainfo@altair.com.

October 30, 2014

10:00 am EDT (UTC - 4 hours)

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